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Slide-In and Trailer Mount Pumper Units
for Septic, Portable Toilets and Liquid Waste

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Slide-In Warehouse offers a wide range of custom designed and fabricated sanitation units to meet your needs. Custom vacuum pump trucks and units can be used for portable restroom service, septiic tanks, liquid waste disposal, waste water, sewer cleaning, grease, sludge and other hazardous waste disposal. When you purchase a unit from Slide-In Warehouse, you benefit from years of reliable service.



At Slide-In Warehouse, we are dedicated to customer service and ongoing support for your products. Slide-In's range of specialty tanks are protected by a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Our customer service associates and sales managers measure their success on the long-term satisfaction of their customers, rather than the profitability of a single transaction. Let our agents design and build a custom tank to fit your needs.



Slide-In Warehouse always looks forward to developing products that are responsive to our customers' needs.  You are connected with a team of designers, engineers and craftsmen who focus on your total satisfaction.  We stay in touch with the experts in regards to regulations and highway constraints that customers deal with every day.  At Slide-In Warehouse, we look for ways you can be more productive.

Slide-In Pumper Units for Pick-Up Trucks

Our aluminum slide-in pumper units will fit into the full size bed of almost any pick-ip truck. We can customize the tank to suit any needs or build it to the capacity that will fulfill you needs. Upgrades for engines and pumps are available.



450 Flat

450 Gallon slide in tank-in-a-tank

Honda 5.5 HP electric start

Conde 70 CFM pump, vacuum & pressure

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Aluminum Slide-In Unit

300-1000 Gallon capacity
Single and two compartment tanks
Many upgrade options available
Fits in bed with hose rack

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Trailer Units

Trailer units from 300-1500 gallons
Spetic, grease, waste vegetable oil & portable toilets

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What We Do

We custom design a sanitation service truck to meet your specific needs.

Our vacuum "pumper" trucks are used for portable restroom service, spetic tanks, liquid waste disposal, waste water, sewer cleaning, grease, sludge and other hazardous waste disposal.

For a quote on a custom built waste disposal truck, use the Get a Truck Quote feature on our website.